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Why TandemDrive?

Complete support form Charge Session to Billing rule

Your drivers are able to charge wherever they want while TandemDrive OCPI standard adapter receives charge sessions from all over Europe. Checks on standards (e-violin), plausibility and fraud are made converting the information into clear billing rules.

TandemDrive services the complete platform for all your eMobility business needs.


Safety is the basis of our work. We only save data when you need it. All data is treated according to the strictest privacy requirements. We divide data types to make sure Privacy issues won’t prevent you from developing your business model.

Our close partnership with Dreamsolution, an organization that has received the ISO 27001 certification for information security! With the ISO 27001 certificate, Dreamsolution guarantees its customers that their data and that of their end customers are highly protected. Dreamsolution belongs to a select number of software companies in the Netherlands that have obtained the ISO 27001 certificate for the entire organization.

Manageable through validation checks

Our automated checks are fully implemented in our high performance web application. Every CDR that enters the platform will be fully checked.

We check all your charge sessions on:

  • Validity Of all necessary data to proceed
  • Compliance validation on, for example, e-Violin standard
  • Plausibility checks on impossible charge sessions
  • Fraud detection on improper use of charging tokens