The eMobility platform
Transform EV charge sessions into accurate financial transactions

Our platform

Is a clear application to convert your charging sessions into reliable financial records. Our backend platform is programmed in Rust, a language designed for performance and safety. This language is extremely secure under great pressure. This makes it ideal for handling charge sessions, token distribution, and roaming management. In combination with our clear user interface, it ensures full control over your e-mobility processes.

Manage your customers

With the application it is possible to manage the customers easily and fluently. Make sure they have the correct subscriptions and gain insight into their load history.

Fleet managers oversee all EV-drivers and their subscriptions. Easily add Users, or link with an External Identity Provider. These are spread over the CPO landscape, after which the e-driver can load anywhere in Europe.

Arrange your e-MSP settings

Set up your business according to your own wishes. With separate administrations you create maximal freedom in working with your own business rules. Issue charge tokens and define subscriptions.

Set up roaming contracts

Connect to any roaming partner you like and negotiate the roaming contract you want. Get a grip on your cost at the CPO and turn them into rate rules for your customer. Get insights into the costs and benefits of charging at the different CPO. Make smart business rules so that you can take advantage of smart deals.

Designed to process loads of charge sessions

Thousands of charging sessions are processed in the application and checked for probability, fraud and other errors. These are converted into clear billing rules. Connect the application with your own financial settlement using a standard API. Provide your customers with clear invoices and the necessary detailed information.

Clear overview of drop out cases

Prevent fraud with the built-in checks. All charge sessions are checked for probability, fraud and validated on agreed roaming contracts. An overview of failed charge sessions sorted by dropout case can be selected, adjusted and reprocessed, continuing the flow.