The eMobility platform
Propel your eMobility business forward with confidence

Start your TandemDrive in 3 steps

Setup your Business Model
  • Define Business segments
  • Select Templates
  • Rate Plan definitions
  • Reimbursement
  • Accounting rules
Integrate with CPO’s
  • Manage all different input streams, OCPI and CSV
  • Map Charge Sessions
Activate your Business
  • Customers / consumers
  • Contracts
  • Billing rules
  • Documents

TandemDrive transforms EV charge sessions into accurate financial transactions for Charge Point Operators, eMobility Service Providers, corporates, and governments. Easily keep track of all your charge tokens, charge points and their subscriptions.

1. Setup your business model

With the TandemDrive platform you choose and build your own business model. There are no limits in configuration. Convert your CDR’s to your own billing rule: Vary in costs; Price per kWh, price per session; Give reduction on smart charging and keep control in expense of the charge sessions; Come up with your business model and we’ll make it happen.

2. Integrate the CPO’s and Hubs

Choose the charge point operators you want to work with and determine the conditions. Connect to all known hubs in Europe, and make your customers charge all over Europe and make your clients charge at over 180.000 charge points everywhere in Europe. Our management platform displays this connection in one clear overview. It also allows you to set up different contracts with endless variety, giving you the ability to adapt as your business grows.

TandemDrive is a proven backend when it comes to P2P connection with the different CPO's. Using the most modern version of OCPI, it is possible to make connections with charge point operators directly without using the Hubs. Negotiate the roaming contracts yourself and arrange the best price for your customers. You are in control of the tariffs that you want to charge for your customers at third party charge points.

3. Activate your business

Ready to go.
Configure your reimbursement settings to make home charging an easy flowing financial process. Create hassle free charging at home for your customer.
Set up invoice rules the way you want them. Varying of charging session start costs, percentage on CPO costs and kWh. Create your own business.

  • Drivers charge all over Europe.
  • Charge sessions fluently enter the application.
  • Solid checks on amounts, price, plausibility, fraud on these sessions.
  • Good overview of the charge sessions on different levels:
    • CPO,
    • Customer,
    • Date,
    • Session,
    • and more...

A smooth conversion of loading session to invoice lines, available in the application and by API in your linked financial package. We transfer charge sessions for you in clear invoices ready to be mailed to your customers.